How not to get weighed down by the scale

If you have been putting some effort into losing some weight and staying committed to it, the number you see on the scale could be a cause of heartbreak, and it could ruin the day even before it starts. It can be so depressing that you want to stay away from food for the day. Weighing more than your expectations could spark thoughts of failure like "I don't think I can do this", "I think I am just a failure at this" etc. It could even push you to give up and do things that'd get your weight more complicated.

However, you do not have to be afraid of the scale. You can make it a source of positive energy to start the day everyday. You just have to be cautious.

Wikipedia defines "mindfulness"[1] as the practice of purposely bringing one's attention in the present moment without judgment. Thus, mindfulness is when you pay attention to something or some things for a purpose without judgment.

In relation to the concept of mindfulness, here are three tips to help you get over the feeling that overweighting brings every time you use the scale.

Stop judging yourself

This is as important as the need and desire to get rid of the extra pounds. Self-judgment based on the result of the scale is the origin of a lot of negative thoughts that come after the scale and itĀ  has to stop if you really want things to change.

Using the scale as a tool to judge yourself, why not convert that energy into making changes if you are not satisfied with the results you get? You can learn from the results you get whether positive or negative and make decisions on what next steps to take in your weight-loss quest.

Getting positive results does not mean that you are free too. You should learn how to maintain that weight more effectively in healthy ways.

It is always better to learn and improve than to get stuck on a spot switching between living and hating the scale.

Be kind to yourself

This tip is well connected to the previous. Yes, you should be kind to yourself irrespective of the result you get when you check your weight on the scale.

It is common that some people subject themselves to self-deprivations and criticisms due to their dissatisfaction. This act will not only drain you psychologically, it is unhealthy and can lead to self-harm if care is not taken.

You need to know that you are only human and prone to mistakes. There could be things you are not doing, not doing right, not doing enough or doing too much or not doing at all that is leading to slow or no results at all.

Self-judgement leads to not being kind to oneself. Instead of treating yourself unkindly, you should channel your energy into finding out what's wrong and making corrections.

Then, you will need a good amount of patience and consistency.

Change how you see the scale

Many of the problems arising from the use of the scale are as a result of the misrepresentation of its purpose. The scale is not a tool to make judgments about what is good or bad. Rather, it is a machine to help you keep track of your weight. It's purpose for a person trying to lose some weight is to let you know if your weight-loss program is working or if you need to change or make adjustments.

The scaleĀ is only a measuring equipment of your weight, it does not measure your healthiness. There are instances where you may be losing body fat but adding muscles and bone mass, the scale will not tell you the proportion of fat, muscles, bone or how well you fit in clothes. So, it should not affect what you think of yourself, nor should it mess up your psyche in any way.

Mindfulness is the key to change your perception when you use the scale. Instead of putting so much energy into hating the scale and yourself, you should mind the things that your weight loss program encompasses. Are they really helpful? Are you doing them the right way? Are you feeding well? How consistent are you at them? The solution to your weight loss problem could be buried in any of these questions.

Also, you should not be far from your doctor and therapist. They are trained to help you through your weight loss journey both physiologically and psychologically.