Superfoods You Need to Boost Your Immune System

It goes without question that you need a strong and healthy immune system. After all, you’ve relied on it all your life to keep you safe from harmful diseases, illnesses, and infections. The least you could do is eat a good diet that keeps it running smoothly. And no, you can’t simply rely on a multivitamin supplement to do all the work.

Instead, you’ve got to eat a diet that’s balanced with plenty of superfoods. But yet, you might be unsure of which foods are the best for your immune system. No worries! We’ve already identified several superfoods that have wonderful health properties that can specifically target your immune system. Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s jump right into the top 6 superfoods you should try out to give your immune system a strong boost. 

1- Sesame Seeds

Yes, these seeds are indeed tiny! However, don’t underestimate their size! Just like how your immune system is made up of millions of tiny cells and proteins that defend your body, these sesame seeds also pack a pretty powerful punch in the form of beneficial nutrients[1]. They include zinc, copper, iron, and vitamin B6 among plenty of others. Plus, they can also help to decrease your cholesterol levels[2] and help you arrive at healthier blood pressure[3]. What’s not to like?

Sprinkle some on a bun, a breakfast bagel, or whatever you like for extra immune system support. 

2- Edible Seaweed

Edible seaweed is actually a pretty common Chinese and Japanese snack. It’s also an ingredient that’s very common in sushi, which is yet again another food of Japanese origin. What might surprise you is that seaweed is a food that can boost your immune system. That’s because it includes thyroid-healthy benefits like iodine and tyrosine[4] and also contains plenty of vitamins, minerals, fibers, antioxidants, and more[5]. Plus, your healthier gut will also thank you. Of course, you should only be thanking yourself when you’re not struggling with another bout of the cold or the flu in the future thanks to the superfoods you ate to keep your immune system safe and sound. 

3- Horseradish

Yes, you read that right. Horseradish is a root that’s great for building up a strong immune system[6]. That’s why you should consider adding more to your diet! As soon as you consume it, you’re in for some enjoyable anti-inflammatory benefits, lower cholesterol levels[7], and possibly even better kidneys. If you thought that was a lot, we haven’t even touched the bare minimum of all the science-backed health benefits that horseradishes are loaded with. 

4- Cruciferous

Even though you might not recognize the name ‘cruciferous,’ you sure probably have heard of some of the veggies that are contained under this category. Ever eaten some broccoli, Brussel sprouts, and other dark greens just to name a few? Yep, those are cruciferous vegetables! And yes, you definitely should eat a lot more. That’s because they come loaded with nutrients that can do your immune system wonders. For instance, they’ve got lots of vitamin A and C within their green bodies. That means lower levels of inflammation as well for you! So, stock up on those healthy greens! 

5- Whole Grains

Don’t eat any more of that starchy white bread! Instead, you should eat more loaves of whole-grain bread instead. That’s because you could stand to gain a ton of health benefits[8] such as fiber, protein, minerals, antioxidants, B group vitamins, and lots more. Plenty of whole-grain nutrients have immune system boosting properties, which can help strengthen your body’s innate defense against unruly infections. Hopefully, you can keep this in mind the next time you’re going bread shopping in the supermarket aisles. 

6- Miso

Ever heard of Miso soup? In case you haven’t, Miso soup is a food of Japanese origin that’s known for its light and delicate taste. What you might want to especially pay attention to is the miso part of the soup, which is a special seasoning that’s made from the processing of fermented soybeans and other ingredients. By adding this seasoning to your diet, you’re also adding in nutritional benefits[9] like folic acid and vitamins E, K, and B as well. Overall, it’s one of the rare few seasonings that are actually quite healthy. We’ve seen you licking the chip seasonings off your fingers before!