Motivation and exercising can make the difference

Motivation is tremendously needed by all of us. We all seek a longer, healthier and a more pleasant life, and staying encouraged and energized is essential for coping with any challenging situation that we may encounter, making improvements and eventually reaching our goals.

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes or someone you love has it, you might feel challenged about having to adapt your daily habits and choices to this condition that you have to embrace, live with and take control of. And this is normal and understandable. 

Exercising does really matter

When having diabetes, a regular physical activity goes hand in hand with a healthy and balanced meal plan. It is a crucial part of your healthy living and will help you keep your blood sugar in your target range.

Here are 8 suggested tips for you to consider :

  • Tip  #1 : Work with your care team to develop an adapted exercise plan for you. This will help manage your diabetes effectively and safely.
  • Tip  #2 : Try to work with a trainer; this will help you find better guidance and exercise in your capacity. 
  • Tip  #3 : Make sure to get at least 30 minutes of moderate to intense exercise 5 times per week, making sure you are keeping your cardiovascular health and maintaining your healthy weight.
  • Tip  #4 : Make sure you are incorporating high intensity and string training into your exercise routine. With stronger muscles, your will have a faster metabolism and you will keep your blood sugar under control. 
  • Tip  #5 : Exercising can be as simple as dancing, playing with your kids, walking on a treadmill, swimming, running, cycling and much more.
  • Tip  #6 : Try to move a little bit after each meal. After eating your blood sugar will rise, and it is normal; a gentle exercise will help bring it back down faster.
  • Tip  #7 : Keep communicating with your doctor to make sure that your blood sugar and your medications (if you are on them) are stable.
  • Tip  #8 : Work with your dietician to make sure you are eating the right proportions at the right times.

Well, here is the thing, it is perfectly possible for anyone with diabetes to continue living a normal life, a life that is healthier and happier. Eat well, live well, keep your health under your control!