Why You Should Add Walnuts to Your Diet

Walnut health benefits

In the world of nuts, perhaps one of the most underrated is the walnut. That’s because it’s one of the most nutritious nuts out there but doesn’t nearly get the amount of clout that an almond or a peanut gets. 

Without further ado, we’re here to give the humble walnut the rightful attention that it deserves and convince you on all the reasons why you should add walnuts to your diet today. 

Firstly, they couldn’t get more perfect in terms of proportion. They contain just the right amount of fibers, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. Walnuts could easily aid your journey to achieving a healthy lifestyle as a fun little snack to eat on the go or sprinkled on top of your other favorite meals. Even just a small handful every week could do wonders, as many studies have found. 

Did you know that there are about 21 species of walnut trees? That’s a lot of walnut varieties to explore! No matter which type is your favorite, they’re all incredibly delicious and healthy to eat. With that note, let’s dive right into the top 5 benefits that you can enjoy when incorporating this nut into your diet. 

1- Helps in Losing Weight

Who knew that eating walnuts could help you lose weight? Well, now you know. This type of nut has the wonderful ability to help control your appetite and reduce your hunger at the peak of your usual snack cravings[1]. Plus, you can experience a little boost of energy thanks to its metabolism boosting property. 

By adding some walnuts into a morning smoothie or tossing some in before the cravings set in, you can steadily lose weight in the long run and enjoy a leaner body. 

2- Helps Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

You know that condition where your blood sugar gets too high? Without a doubt, it’s not such a fun experience. Luckily, it may not have to be one that you worry about if you try to incorporate some walnuts into your meals. 

That’s because a special property of a walnut is its ability to help lower your levels of blood sugar[2]. Because your metabolism gets increased, the foods you eat get digested much more quickly. 

3- Gain a Healthier Heart

Your heart works hard for you every second of the day, pumping out that blood to keep your body moving. To help it do its best job possible, try to eat some more walnuts! 

They’re loaded with great omega-3 fats and other beneficial properties to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels[3]. Your heart will truly be thanking you for every bite of a walnut you eat. 

4- Reduces Risk of Cancer

There are plenty of methods to reduce the risk of cancer and one of the best ways is in eating the right foods. Wondering if walnuts are one of those foods? Well, you’d be right. 

In fact, research has proven that walnuts encompass several health benefits that can help reduce the risk of colorectal[4], breast[5], and prostate cancer[6]. Plus, they have a fantastic anti-inflammatory property[7], which can lower your chances of developing other types of cancer. 

5- Helps You Sleep Better

Feeling a little jittery right before bed? Can’t fall asleep as easily as you used to? Just pop a few walnuts in your mouth! 

As soon as you take in their antioxidants and other anti-inflammatory benefits[8], your body can begin to relax and steady in preparation for a restful night of sleep. The walnut is simply a food that can do wonders for your health and development.